Below you will find our winter 2018/2019 Limited Edition Snowboard, Splitboard and Ski models. Each is crafted in the same spirit as our custom work: high performance balanced by beautiful wood marquetry artwork. The collection is made up of our favourite tried-and-tested shapes and are built with rider joy in mind.

The wood marquetry artwork on each is inspired by landscapes often found in the woodgrain itself. From coulouirs to cosy cabins, this season we chose to depict tempting alpine terrain that we’d like to explore ourselves.

The Tsolum

the tsolum snowboard image

The Tsolum all-mountain twin is a hybrid of beauty, style and performance. Consider the Tsolum if you enjoy the balance of riding centered on your board no matter the terrain. Early rise camber paired with medium flex combine to support smooth edge transitions while maintaining a playful feel. Mellow sidecut serration nodes give solid grip in hardpack and ice whether you find yourself regular or switch, toeside or heelside.

Camber profile:

Price: $699

Length Nose Length Tail Length Nose Width Tail Width Waist Width Sidecut
144 210 210 285 285 242 6250
148 220 220 288 288 247 6500
152 225 225 290 290 247 6750
156 230 230 300 300 255 7000
160 235 235 302 302 258 7500
160W 235 235 310 310 265 7500
164 240 240 305 305 260 7800
164W 240 240 312 312 268 8000

The Black Creek

the black creek snowboard image

The Black Creek is aggressively directional and built to thrive in all conditions. It's perfect for charging through heavy chop; weaving a line through tight trees; laying into nose-to-the-snow carves; open throttle speed; and surfing deep powder. Its broad powder-friendly nose is supported by mellow sidecut serration for added grip in hardpack and ice. It features an early rise camber profile with a slightly stiffer tail to create a responsive blend of directional stability and maneuverability. It's a one-stop-shop.

Winner of BEST ALL MOUNTAIN SNOWBOARD at the 2017 Snowboard Canada Magazine “Grade Eh Board Test.”

Grade Eh logo

Camber profile:

Price: $699

Length Nose Length Tail Length Nose Width Tail Width Waist Width Sidecut
154 260 190 298 288 251 7250
158 260 190 302 290 253 7500
162 262 192 306 294 256 7900
166 262 194 310 298 259 8100

The Cumberland Gap

the cumberland gap snowboards

Explore terrain options beyond the lift-line on the Cumberland Gap. It’s a directional splitboard with stability and maneuverability at the core. Early rise profile with camber underfoot takes pressure off your turns after a long hike. Karakoram clips keep it tightly bound while the subtly serrated sidecut provides hold in unforeseen conditions so you can focus on what lies ahead.

Camber profile:

Price: $949

Length Nose Length Tail Length Nose Width Tail Width Waist Width Sidecut
156 295 180 300 288 255 7500
160 300 185 303 290 257 7750
164 305 190 308 294 260 7900
168 310 195 314 298 265 8250

The Zeballos

the zeballos skis

Function: The Zeballos are playful skis with an undeniable powder bias. They sport an elongated nose and tail with subtle early-rise camber to keep you afloat. A narrow waist with symmetrical flex make them nimble for tree riding and stable for ripping the odd groomed run.

Camber profile:

Price: $949

Length Nose Length Tail Length Nose Width Tail Width Waist Width Sidecut
168 355 225 118 110 92 14000
175 370 240 124 114 97 15000
183 390 260 126 118 100 16000

The Ramblers>

the ramblers skis

The Ramblers are big mountain powder skis for effortless float. They are wide, directional and have an early rise camber profile to keep you charging in aggressive terrain. They are solid edge to edge with camber underfoot so you'll have no problem touring or traversing en route to the steep and deep.

Camber profile:

Price: $949

Length Nose Length Tail Length Nose Width Tail Width Waist Width Sidecut
168 245 140 140 125 108 17000
175 255 150 145 130 113 19000
183 265 160 149 134 117 20500

The Cold Smoke

A compilation of powder shapes to celebrate those deep days. Whether you enjoy aggressive directional charging, buttering between switch and natural, or floating with a laid-back surf style – each combination of shape, sidecut and camber is meant to optimize a different aspect of powder riding.

Price: $699

the cold smoke snowboard image

The Ukee

154, 164

the cold smoke snowboard image

The Arrowsmith

160, 168

the cold smoke snowboard image

The Tofino

156, 164

the cold smoke snowboard image

The Merville

158, 166

  • Wood Veneer Topsheet
  • Triaxial Fibreglass, Carbon Fibre OR Basalt
  • *Carbon Fibre X
  • Cypress Core/UHMW Sidewall
  • Cypress Core/UHMW Sidewall
  • Steel Binding Inserts
  • Triaxial Fibreglass, Carbon Fibre OR Basalt
  • Vibration Dampening Rubber
  • Steel Edges/UHMW Sintered Base

*carbon fibre is used in various orientations to achieve specific flex and acute strength.


Prices do not include taxes or shipping cost. The board or skis you purchase may not reflect the exact woods or base sheet colours shown in the design proofs above, as each is unique. Head over to our store to purchase a limited edition model.

If you have ideas or questions contact us or consider a custom build.

If you require advice about how to maintain your snowboard or skis contact us – we’re here to help!


"This season I toured throughout the Rockies and Monashees on The Kindred Cumberland Gap with a carbon fibre upgrade. I love that weight is cut on the up track without sacrificing stiffness. It is extremely responsive and inspires confidence with every turn - the ultimate splitboard for charging big lines at high speeds.
It makes me want to go bigger every time I come to a halt in the flats and look back at my prize! If you're looking to push your free riding to the next level this is the splitboard for you."

-Tyler Turner
Team rider and Tail Guide at K3 Cat Ski

"Pillows Stacks. Single Slashes. Mogul Methods. Mandatory Straight Lines. Hot Pow. Yesterday's Champagne. TOMORROW MORNING. Switch stalefish. Buttered Knuckles. Sled Laps. Safety Meetings. Cab 2's. Corduroy. Switch Toe Carve Swaps. Holy Crails. Hard-ways. Rope Ollies. XL Jumps. Down-Flat-Down-Flat-Downs. Hard Charging. Easy Riding... The Tsolum is a samurai sword, cutlass and jungle machete all in one; beautiful enough for my mantle, technical in close combat and built for slashing your way to powder paradise. The only thing I don't like about my Kindred is taking my headphones out on the chairlift to talk about it"

-Andrew Wood
Team Rider

"My board arrived in the mail today. All I can say is WOW! I am absolutely thrilled with the craftsmanship. It really is a unique and personalized piece of art"

The Netherlands

"My Kindred powder skis are amazing. They keep me afloat despite my weighing over 275lbs. I visited the workshop, watching the process in stages, and know first hand the work that goes into them. Kindred is a go-to source for anyone who appreciates fine hand-crafted equipment that performs - although my wife thinks they are too pretty to ski on and should be hung as artwork!"

-Steve Touhey
Two Eagles Lodge, Union Bay BC

"The board is gorgeous. Absolutely stunning. You guys did a phenomenal job on this one. I just want to say that working with you these past 4 months has been a really great experience. I had a lot of fun the whole way through. I'll be sure to recommend you guys to anyone who asks. Thanks again for bearing with me through this complex project, and I look forward to working with you again in the future."

Pennsylvania, US

"My Kindred Black Creek is one of the best boards I have ridden in my 20+ years of snowboarding. The product description is totally accurate - it's a quiver-filler and one-stop-shop suitable for directional riding in most any conditions. I'm an aggressive rider who demands a lot of my board and it always does what I ask it to. It's my go-to stick."

-Rob Pickering
Oyster River, BC

"In my nearly 25 years of snowboarding I have been fortunate to ride many boards - including test riding a half dozen Kindreds - and Kindred offer aspects you simply cannot find with other snowboards. They balance meticulous hand-built principles supported by computer/tech accuracy; they offer a personalized customer experience that bigger manufacturers cannot duplicate; and most of all they boast a priceless love of building snowboards. The cherry on top is that the boards are bullet-proof and they look ridiculously good slashing powder!!"

-Tom Arnold
Section 8 Snowsport Institute
Snow School Director, Mount Cain Alpine Resort